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QuickBooks Desktop is a desktop-based accounting system that has more robust features than QuickBooks Online. This 3 part recorded training session will cover the basics of QuickBooks Desktop, including how to use many useful features and how to navigate the program itself.

Part one covers the following topics:

  • Some of the basic principles of accounting
  • The accounting behind the scenes in QuickBooks
  • An overview of QuickBooks data files and types
  • Opening Portable Files
  • How to restore backup files
  • Entering Transactions in QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks user interface features

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Part two covers the following topics:

  • Track company sales
  • Set up customer records in the Customer Center
  • Track income and expenses by Job
  • Record Sales Receipts
  • Use the Undeposited Funds account to track your cash receipts
  • Record Invoices and Payments from customers
  • Record bank deposits

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QuickBooks Desktop Day 3 session covers slides 43-80

  • Objectives on slide 49 - Expenses
  • Set up vendors in the Vendor list
  • Understand how to use classes in QuickBooks
  • Use QuickBooks for job costing
  • Enter expense transactions in several different ways
  • Manage Accounts Payable transactions
  • Void Checks

Part three covers the following topics:

  • Describe several types of QuickBooks reports
  • Customize the look of reports and filter the data on reports
  • Memorize and group reports
  • Process and print multiple reports in batches
  • Use QuickZoom to see the “numbers behind the numbers” on reports
  • Export reports to spreadsheets for further analysis

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Key Topics

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