As a catalyst for business and job creation, SCORE helps strengthen our local economy. 

Small businesses need money and mentoring to be successful. No organization is more effective at mentoring than SCORE.

Strengthening Maine's Economy

SCORE is a direct and effective catalyst for businesses and job creation. Small businesses need mentoring and educational support to be successful. SCORE is the most effective source of small business mentoring in the U.S.!

SCORE Maine volunteers have worked exceptionally hard through a difficult year and persevered to provide valuable mentoring and educational opportunities to clients facing unprecedented challenges. 

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Kathleen Odonnell

Kathleen O'Donnell | SCORE Mentor

Kathleen is a very positive person whose apparent vast knowledge and experience led to a quick and accurate assessment of where I am at in the process, and what actionable items should be focused on in the immediate and near future. The plan was laid out nicely, and reinforced several times, both verbally, and through handouts, and finally a follow up email. Kathleen was an A+.

-SCORE Client

Andrew Sharp

Andrew Sharp | SCORE Mentor

My mentor was willing to listen. I don't really know what I'm doing in business yet, but he didn't over power or talk down. He listened and validated. He also had really good experience to pull from in his own life - both small and corporate business.

-SCORE Client

Thomas Leonhardt

Thomas Leonhardt | SCORE Mentor

My mentor listened intently and with interest to our organization's issues. He was clearly knowledgeable and experienced on the subject and gave some really helpful advice. I anticipate we will need his ongoing advice as we seek 501(c)3 non-profit status.

-SCORE Client

Whit Ford

Whit Ford | SCORE Mentor

Whit was very clear in his communication. He brought up so many things that I never would have considered. He has a kind way about him and is very approachable. It was made clear that this is my business and ultimately the decisions are up to me.

-SCORE Client

Nancy Strojny

Nancy Strojny | SCORE Mentor

I'm so grateful my SCORE Mentors took the time to ask questions and understand my needs and intentions for the meeting, they provided clear next steps, and took the time to do research and send me additional recommendations after our call together. Their knowledge, support, insights, and help were extremely valuable and helpful. Thank you!

-SCORE Client

Peter Carlino

Peter Carlino | SCORE Mentor

Peter was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He reviewed what I sent him prior to our meeting, gave me some items to focus on that I was missing before our next meeting, and discussed resources as I moved forward. He explained what SCORE offers, how he can be of assistance as my direct mentor and did not provide any pressure but rather freedom to go at the pace I was most comfortable. I would highly recommend my mentor and SCORE.

-SCORE Client

SCORE Maine Mentoring Statistics 2020

The next SUCCESS could be yours!

In 2020, SCORE Maine mentors helped start 509 new businesses, created 412 new jobs, and provided 7,841 chapter services including mentoring sessions provided and workshop attendees.

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SCORE helps ALL owners and entrepreneurs.

We offer business mentoring services and many resources and tools for all small businesses, including programs created for underserved audiences.